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2012 Holiday Options

As the recession bites deep into the UK, people are cutting back on things right across the board. Supermarkets are finding people shun branded products in favour of Value ranges, others are abandoning or even selling their cars and taking up cycling to work, and all manner of other savvy saving methods to push the shrinking paycheck that little bit further.

So naturally we at Saving For Travel are encouraging similar ways of saving, too. But we’re not advocating postponing your travel plans and supressing that need to get out of your home country; rather, we are encouraging you to reevaluate how you intend to get that travel fix.

The independent budget traveller, especially one from the UK as I am, can get royally stiffed in these times of recession. The pound is in the doldrums, down 30-40% on the travelling heyday of 2005, when it looked undefeatable. Even the Euro, with all its current issues, is sufficiently stronger than the Pound at present, making weekend city trips or dirty weekends on the Eurostar quite an expense even for the savvy traveller.

So what’s good value these days in terms of travel?

Look closer to home; if you travel in your own country, you will not be impacted by the poor exchange rates. Have you even seen your own country beyond the area you live in? It’s amazing how many people do not travel as a tourist in their own land. I’ve been to forty countries worldwide and seen a lot of wonderful landmarks and sights, but it took me thirty years to reach Stonehenge, and I live less than forty miles from it!

But some people travel to escape from their home country, not to travel in it. That’s understandable; maybe they want a bit of foreign culture, food, and warmth, not a baltic British winter in a Travel Inn off the M23. Have no fear, because the British Package Holiday is here… check the High Street and you will find some crazy deals on at the moment. With Thomas Cook on its knees and operating on razor thin margins to keep it going, the deals are seriously impressive. Lanzarote all inclusive packages can be snapped up for a few hundred pounds; you can go even further afield for an all inclusive holiday to Egypt for just a little more, thanks to the added “bonus” of the unrest there causing the tourist industry to stoop to new lows in pricing because everyone is scared to go there. Don’t like either of these destinations? Go to the Med, or Greece, or Turkey… the deals are there to be grabbed – take full advantage!

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