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February 2018
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Insure and Go Promotional Code

As well as recommending ways to trim excess and wastage in your spending habits, here at saving for travel we’re always on the lookout for the newest offers and travel-related coupon codes and discounts for backpackers to save that little bit extra cash.
One of the largest expenses for a backpacker is travel insurance. A typical backpacker insurance policy for a yearlong round the world trip can come in at anywhere between £200 and £350, depending on the provider and level of cover you choose. And it’s not an expense that can really be scrimped on; whilst you’re away, it’s vital to have health coverage, liability protection (especially in litigious cultures such as the US) and cover for your personal posessions such as your camera, laptop, mobile phone or whatever you bring with you.
So it’s refreshing when we discover the popular providers of backpacker insurance offering incentives in the form of promo codes to use when purchasing insurance policies online. The latest provider to embrace this practise is the UK company Insure and Go, who are based over at Southend-on-Sea, east of London.
Insure and Go offer a range of policies – not just for backpackers, but also for regular holidaymakers, families, annual travel insurance and seniors. But their backpacker policy interests us the most here at saving for travel, and I think I’ll try it on my next trip as a change from my current provider.
The discount incentive mentioned above comes in the form of an insure and go promotional code which gives you a further 5% off the backpacker policy price. This works out as a fantastic saving when the price of a year’s policy is considered; £15 or so is not to be sniffed at.